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Apr 4, 2013 10:00am PDT
leaders in washington, who seem so deeply divided about an issue such as universal background checks, where the country is not divided itself. >> connecticut acts as president obama is out west today, trying to pressure congress to act. >> this is not easy. and i'll be blunt, a lot of members of congress, this is tough for them. because those who are opposed to any form of legislation, legislation affecting guns, they're very well organized and they're very well financed. but it can be done if enough voices are heard. >> joining me this hour, mark kelly, who with his wife, former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, has become a leading voice for tighter gun laws across the nation. >>> countering the threats, the u.s. sends new missile defenses to guam as north korea deploy as medium-range missile to its coast. we're live with richard engel. >>> and horroring courageous women. and happy anniversary to us. join us as we celebrate our five years of "andrea mitchell reports." >> some of the responsibility for the gridlock in the this town. to not being open up to the hill and not doing co
Apr 1, 2013 10:00am PDT
serve. >>> president obama has already chosen a woman. julia pearson. to head the secret service and now hes is reportedly ready to name another top law enforcements official, a woman, lisa monaco to head the fbi. the "washington post" is reporting that lisa monaco, the president's chief counterterrorism adviser is on the top of the president's short list to replace long-time director robert mueller. she's only one of many women who could make headlines. joining me now bloomberg view margaret carlson and washington bureau chief, elizabeth bloomler. hillary clinton coming back from a little time to clean the closets, whatever she's been doing. get some rest. and she's been off since she left the state department now we're going to see her twice this week and in coming weeks on paid speeches. first, vital voices so near to her heart. this is the event tuesday night and joe biden will also be there i'm told. >> he's making noises, possibly. >> about 2016. she's going to appear at tina brown's event on friday in new york. this is a high profile relaunch of the former secretary of state.
Apr 3, 2013 10:00am PDT
thesis in 2008 was hillary clinton would run and be the nominee, a little known senator barack obama upset that, and the rest is history. i suspect behind closed doors she's going to take some time off and do exactly what she's telling everybody, but nobody believes. >> joe biden was asked by "the washington post," has the race already begun, mr. vice president? the answer was, no. if you know anything about me, i've been making that same speech for 30 years. look into it. he has. he has great street cred. the women in the audience knew it, as much as they loved hillary, but that was clearly her home court advantage, but they know that joe biden has the sponsor of the violence against women act and has been a fighter for that. >> and it's been reauthorized. you know, we all know that joe is a mench, and the vice president is somebody, you know, who has a wide base of support, not only in the democratic party, but among a lot of people in the country, that believe that he is hard-working, straight-talking guy, but, you know, i thought the dynamic between former secretary clinton and v
Mar 29, 2013 10:00am PDT
politics, we'll base them on how much good they'll do for the economy. >> president obama in miami talking about the private sector investing in infrastructure. joining me now to wrap up a very busy week. the "washington post" chris cillizza, my alter ego, and the "washington post's" nia-malika henderson. first to you, chris. >> i'm putting that on my twitter feed. andrea mitchell's alter ego. >> my best guy. first, this is the president trying to turn the conversation to private sector investment in miami. he is at the port of miami after a very busy week. he's talked about guns and immigration. his polling slightly down. is he getting the conversation where he wants it to be? >> well, look. this is your classic sort of bully pulpit. when the president goes anywhere and says anything, he will get more coverage than any other politician in the country. i'm not sure infrastructure will bump up into the guns conversation. he is going to denver next week to talk about guns. that will override. he talked about infrastructure and the state of union. andrea, he has all these balls up in the air.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4